15ML Bartevoks/Mustache wax.

15ML Bartevoks/Mustache wax.

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Mustache wax

This is a mustache wax that has a strong hold. It can help you style your mustache the way you want it.

We recommend heating up the wax a bit, and apply it several times, until you are satisfied with the shape. If you do that it will most likely last for the entire day!

You can heat it with a hairdryer beforehand and put it in your pocket about half an hour before you use it.Then use your nails and scratch a small amount at a time.

Our mustache wax is ecologic and contains: Lanolin, and Beeswax.


Note: Our products do contain oils containing nuts so if you have a nut allergy then use the products with caution. Test out in small quantities and discontinue use if problems occurred.